DAY 1: Introspection

Success: Its Secret Ingredient (Mrs. Chiki Sarkar – Founder, Juggernaut Publications)

Success can be a very daunting term because we tend to set high expectations for ourselves, without realizing that some of it could be more difficult than we realize, for us to reach. The intention behind doing this is not to set us up to ‘fail’, it is quite the opposite. We tend to do that because, I assume we want the best for ourselves.

There are many definitions of success, but I believe success is a journey, its not a destination. The reason I view success like this is because it gives me pleasure in knowing that I will hit several milestones and feel good about achieving smaller goals to reach the final outcome.

I also believe that as an when we keep moving forward with our goals, some of them may change. If they do, that is okay, like I mentioned before, we are ever changing. I am also aware that sometimes, it takes a little time to reach those milestones because we may have missed an opportunity. To make up for that, I like to believe in the notion that there is more than one way to attain your goals or expectations that you set yourself.

When you go on a long road trip, you are bound to find yourself with some kind of trouble, it could be because of the car or the weather, or can lose your way. When that happens, we usually do not stop and stay there and give up on reaching that destination. You find another way to reach that place.

There are a few things I struck out to me during the Session with Mrs. Chiki Sakar. I will mention them below:

  1. There are a few decisions in life that lead to a lot of uncertainty and resistance, that is usually because of the fear of what we think is waiting on the other side. Taking that leap of faith to other side, opens up new doors for us and new opportunities to explore. Taking that jump itself provides us with new skills and resources to use.
  2. Making a conscious effort to observe opportunities that may not necessarily be right in front of us or turning situations and molding it in a way that it creates opportunities to for us will be beneficial. This happens when you start asking the right questions to yourself, challenging your own thoughts, thinking of what you could possibly to do create a more favourable situation
  3. Giving yourself a break, some time away from work can actually spark creativity. If you are constantly thinking about what you can do to make it better or what more you can do to reach goals, or if you are at a dead end – Taking some time to breathe, away from that situation, helps you in settling all those thoughts for a while.
  4. Networking and talking to people, listening to their ideas helps you learn new things. It invokes curiosity and curiosity opens up doors, sometimes we do not consciously realize we have. It helps you think different notions and ideas and how you relate to that. Curiosity sparks innovation.
  5. Believe in your dreams, that belief fuels us into making sure we put in all our effort and heart into achieving something we believe adds value to us, our community and our world.

Published by Ichha Bhan

I have always been inclined towards psychology. I took my first psychology class in 9th grade and I never looked back. I have studied the subject for around 10 years and have had various experiences within the field. During my undergraduate program, I started working for a franchise called Brighter Minds. I was a facilitator for 4 years where I conducted a whole-brain development program for children between the ages of 5-15 years. It worked to enhance a child's observation skills, emotional integration, focus, attention, memory amongst many other things. I have also done a course called Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching from ICHARS (Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Other Related Sciences) to get certified as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I am also a meditation practitioner, I am part of the Heartfulness Practice. Some of the issues I talk about in my blog will have reference to the material I get from Heartfulness. The practice has equipped me to be a healer as well, which brings me to one more skill I have, which is Polarity Healing. Polarity Healing is a way to balance out the positive and negative charge we all possess as humans. When these energies are imbalanced, we feel all sorts of unpleasant feelings like anger, frustration, irritation, and restlessness, etc. Polarity healing balances out the energies and brings it back to a normal state, reducing unpleasant feelings. I have created this blog as a way to collate my knowledge and expertise and build a credible platform of information. I learn new information and techniques every day, this a way for me to share it with the world.

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