DAY 1: Introspection

The Way of The Heart (Mr. Joshua Pollock – Artist and Best-Selling Author)

This was an interesting talk, because it shed on light on something that seems so obvious when you hear it but may not be as simple to grasp. When we are faced with various situations, we tend to have a lot of thoughts that crowd our mind. It can get very suffocating.

When people say “listen to your heart” a lot of questions may come to mind. A common question out of the ones that were spoken about today, was something along the lines of “how do you know which voice is the hearts voice?”

It made me think, because its true. How do you distinguish between the voice of our mind and the voice our heart? To me, what made the most sense was when our mind talks, it shouts. We get crystal clear thoughts about a situation, but they are all coming at us together. It may seem to be like white noise in our mind.

During all of this chaos, you know that there is something subtle, soft, and gentle – urging and provoking you, ever so slightly sometimes. For some people that voice, being soft and gentle can still feel like lightening, because you ‘just know’.

Mr. Joshua Pollock, put it across very simply and beautifully. The voice of the heart is feeling. It may not be a concrete thought or image or idea, but it will be a feeling that is either pulling you towards something or attempting to pull you away.

Another thing that stuck with me was – when we have to change something about ourselves; It could be a behavior, thought, emotion or reaction – we are aware that the response will serve to be a disadvantage for us. Out of fear of getting into the same situation, we change at the surface level or conscious level, unaware of the fact that the residue of that event has stayed with us, for it only to be released when we are faced with a trigger.

This means that the change has taken place at the surface level, which is not sufficient. It has rooted itself in the subconscious. We need to dive deeper to access and make modifications to the root. We have to be able to tap into the subconscious, our inner, true self, to make a long-lasting change.

Heartfulness is like a personal toolbox consisting of various techniques to be able to access your subconscious; it removes all that residue and to bring balance, light, and compassion into our lives. It creates a holistic change and has a ripple effect on every other aspect in our life.

To find about more about the Heartfulness Practice, you can visit their website:

Published by Ichha Bhan

I have always been inclined towards psychology. I took my first psychology class in 9th grade and I never looked back. I have studied the subject for around 10 years and have had various experiences within the field. During my undergraduate program, I started working for a franchise called Brighter Minds. I was a facilitator for 4 years where I conducted a whole-brain development program for children between the ages of 5-15 years. It worked to enhance a child's observation skills, emotional integration, focus, attention, memory amongst many other things. I have also done a course called Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching from ICHARS (Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Other Related Sciences) to get certified as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I am also a meditation practitioner, I am part of the Heartfulness Practice. Some of the issues I talk about in my blog will have reference to the material I get from Heartfulness. The practice has equipped me to be a healer as well, which brings me to one more skill I have, which is Polarity Healing. Polarity Healing is a way to balance out the positive and negative charge we all possess as humans. When these energies are imbalanced, we feel all sorts of unpleasant feelings like anger, frustration, irritation, and restlessness, etc. Polarity healing balances out the energies and brings it back to a normal state, reducing unpleasant feelings. I have created this blog as a way to collate my knowledge and expertise and build a credible platform of information. I learn new information and techniques every day, this a way for me to share it with the world.

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