Habit 6 – Synergy

Steven Covey talks about 7 Habits, that when inculcated, makes us extremely effective people. Synergy is the 6th Habit. This is an interesting one because it is the product of all the habits combined, at least the ones that precede it.

Nature is synergistic. The concept of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, is information that is stored at a molecular level. The example which was used was when two trees are standing next to each other, under the ground their roots are collaborating and intertwining. Once this happens, the soil becomes more fertile, because both the trees are working together. This enables the trees to grow stronger. They support each other.

This is the essence of synergy. Each person has their own set of ideas, beliefs, and notions and this is what makes us unique. If we were to use this diversity to our advantage, it paves the way for magic.

Very recently, I had the chance to interact with people on a wonderful platform called InsideOut. It is an initiative by the Youth of the Heartfulness Institute, where in each week, they call in speakers to share their insights on each of these Habits. I am incredibly grateful to have gotten the chance to speak for Habit 6. To understand Synergy in a better way, please watch the video below.

Published by Ichha Bhan

I have always been inclined towards psychology. I took my first psychology class in 9th grade and I never looked back. I have studied the subject for around 10 years and have had various experiences within the field. During my undergraduate program, I started working for a franchise called Brighter Minds. I was a facilitator for 4 years where I conducted a whole-brain development program for children between the ages of 5-15 years. It worked to enhance a child's observation skills, emotional integration, focus, attention, memory amongst many other things. I have also done a course called Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching from ICHARS (Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Other Related Sciences) to get certified as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I am also a meditation practitioner, I am part of the Heartfulness Practice. Some of the issues I talk about in my blog will have reference to the material I get from Heartfulness. The practice has equipped me to be a healer as well, which brings me to one more skill I have, which is Polarity Healing. Polarity Healing is a way to balance out the positive and negative charge we all possess as humans. When these energies are imbalanced, we feel all sorts of unpleasant feelings like anger, frustration, irritation, and restlessness, etc. Polarity healing balances out the energies and brings it back to a normal state, reducing unpleasant feelings. I have created this blog as a way to collate my knowledge and expertise and build a credible platform of information. I learn new information and techniques every day, this a way for me to share it with the world.

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